Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, once confined to computer gaming can now show us the world and new worlds in surprisingly real detail. These worlds can be accessed through multiple VR viewers and reflect orbital spacecraft, spacecraft and instrument assembly labs, and actual NASA data and models of physical phenomena. Walk into new worlds and let your imagination soar.

Clean Room

A virtual recreation of the Clean Room at Goddard. This is a simulation of where the satellites and instruments are built. Users can interact with tools and spacecraft directly.

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Volumetric Visualization

This project lets scientists and educators load in any form of 3D spatial data, to have it visualized in three dimensions. Once the data is loaded in, it can be seen, explored, and interacted with. Supports voxelized data, point cloud data, and time-varying data.

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Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a new compositing technique that makes use of chroma key to put a live actor into a virtual environment; allowing the audience to see a 3rd person view of the user and their interactions within that virtual environment.

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Spacecraft 3D

SpaceCraft 3D is a program developed by JPL to view different spacecraft models in augmented reality. The program allows the user to watch launches and animations of how different instruments work.

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Augmented Reality and Visualizing Solar Missions

This project explores how to develop a virtual space for the orbits and information related to a particular solar mission.

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