Coding and Electronics

Integrated circuits are the cornerstone of all modern electronics. Our coding an electronics station allows users to play with volumetric datasets generated by from NASA space missions and other observations of natural phenomena. Try your hand at designing and building your own computational machines.

Coding for WiFi Enabled Lighting

There are a variety of new wifi lighting systems that enable users to control room lighting from a smart phone or tablet. With a bit of ‘python’ coding and raspberry pi we were able to modify the lights to respond to live data from NASA’s Coordinated Community Modeling Center!

Volumetric Displays - Aurora Data

Using an 8x8x8 volumetric display, coded through an arduino uno, we will be displaying aurora borealis data from when the particles enter our atmosphere to the photon collisions causing the rays of light. This tool allows us to see how the data moves in space while also displaying the color saturated lights in a dynamic way.

Coming soon

Collapsable 1m^3 kilopixel Volumetric Data Display

We currently have an 8x8x8 volumetric display, but what if you could create a 1x1x1 meter collapsible display. The goal is to use found objects like led lights and ping pong balls to create an extra large, portable display.

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