Design and Fabrication - 3D Printing

3D Printing is the act of making a 3-dimensional object from a digital file. The files are created with software that enables the user to design and/or modify the shape of objects. Now you can conceptualize, design, and create your own three dimensional objects by solidifying materials under computer control. What will you create?

Pinhole Projectors

For the Great American Eclipse of 2017 our team searched for new and inventive ways to view the eclipse. We developed 3D printed, state and nation shaped, pinhole projectors so people could personalize their experience while safely viewing the eclipse.

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Sounding Rockets (3D)

Sounding rockets are 30 minute tests in which NASA collects data and conducts engineering tests on a multitude of instruments. We created a model that seperates to show the different components of a sounding rocket and can then be fastened back together.

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Cube Sat

Modeling parts can be expensive so for the CubeSat project we wanted to make a 3D printable file that is accessible to anyone. With this printed file you can then test how well instruments fit within the CubeSat.

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Tactile Sun Project

The Tactile Sun Project will convert high resolution solar images into 3D print files with the push of a button. This innovation would allow anyone to create three dimensional solar features of their choosing and print them at home, at their school, local library, or makers space.

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