Inside the lab are variety of interchangeable STEM exploration stations fitted with technologies typically found in many of today’s 21st century educational environments. Each exploration station is associated with one or more Exploration Idea Profiles, which are provided by self-selected teams that use the technology for their projects or programs. Users may pick one or more stations to explore, read the profiles and investigate how new and existing technologies can be effectively blended together for greater impact and integration into NASA education programs and products.

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Design and Fabrication - 3D Printing

Conceptualize, design, and create three dimensional objects by solidifying materials under computer control. What will you create?

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Design and Fabrication - Paper Cutting

The art of paper cutting is almost as old as paper, first appearing during the Han Dynasty in the 4th century AD in China. Through the use of computers, you can now easily design intricate 2D and 3D objects.

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Coding and Electronics

Integrated circuits are the cornerstone of all modern electronics. Try your hand at designing and building your own computational machines.

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Mobile Sensors

We explore the universe with sensors that extend our ability to see and measure. Mobile sensors are easily available on your cell phone to help you explore the world around you.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, once confined to computer gaming can now show us the world and new worlds in surprisingly real detail. Walk into new worlds and let your imagination soar.

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Digital Learning Environments and Applications

Imagine the possibilities when you infuse a growing variety of web applications, virtual environments and gaming resources with NASA content and data!